Our Services

Web Design
Ananse Online is a unique design business offering a variety of services from basic website design to complete state-of-the-art website development. Our web designers have the innovative talent to appeal to your sense of style. With our up-to-date training and knowledge of current web standards and practices we have the ability to turn your ideas into reality.
Facebook Marketing and Advertising
Let us help you start and manage your online advertising on Facebook to increase your returns on investment (ROI).
We take care of the following for you:
  • Cost per click (CPC) advertising
  • Cost per thousand impressions or Cost per mille (CPM) advertising
  • Demography targeted advertising for text and banner
  • Interest based targeting
  • Location targeting
Search Engine Optimization & Promotion
Ananse Online offers various cutting-edge techniques to gain top rankings on the popular search engines for targeted searches thereby improving both the quality and quantity of customers/clients to your website.
We provide search engine optimization service that helps to boost your site’s top placement in search engines. In order for a website to succeed online, it first needs to find its way into many, if not all of the major search engines available today (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AOL,  etc.) ensuring that all your potential customers/clients can easily find and access your web pages.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important and profitable technique used during the design and development of modern websites. It helps a lot in a company’s marketing efforts while carrying out business online. SEO is a way of designing or updating a website for optimal search engine recognition. It prepares your website to be indexed and ranked by bots (robots) of the major search engines. When properly done, search engine optimization yields targeted traffic to the site and increases revenues.
Content Management Systems
A Content Management System (CMS) puts you in control giving you the ability to add, remove or change the content i.e. pages, text or images on your website.
We offer a simple user friendly interface so you can edit all designated parts of your website, without the need for any special skills. We provide easy to use CMS tools to make it easy to
  • Update with no special software requirements
  • Update from anywhere in the world
  • Update at anytime
Site Maintenance
Site maintenance is a proven aspect of every healthy and successful website out there. This service covers various actions needed to guarantee the operational integrity of a website. Your website should always contain up-to-date information protecting the investment that you have made and attracting frequent visitors. As your business constantly changes and you look for ways to better serve your customers/clients, employees and partners, your website needs to offer the latest information and resources. New features need to be added regularly, the design needs to be updated frequently, and the right image has to be presented constantly.