About Us

Ananse Online has the purpose of providing reasonably priced yet highly professional website services and needs to small and medium-sized businesses. We are expert in the field of top-quality web design, search engine optimization, website promotion, social media marketing and much more.
Our website prices are designed to be convenient for companies and organizations with a need for an online presence. We make sure your investment will provide an effective, highly professional website without incurring the expense that comes with this quality.
Our mission is to provide people, businesses and organizations affordable, top quality solutions for their online needs. We want to help you make your business more profitable and help your message reach more people. It is our goal to build a site which you are excited to share with your customers and prospective clients.
What makes us different? 
We do not only guarantee your website will look excellent and increase your business status. We’re not pleased until your investment in our services is returned, over and over again.
What will website services from Ananse Online do for your business or organization?
  • An online presence for your business/organization will take it international without the necessity of opening a foreign branch.
  • Existing and prospective customers/clients in Ghana and abroad will learn about your latest products and services in the comfort of their homes or offices.
  • A website is in itself an advertising medium that will put you ahead of your competitors.
  • A website is cheaper than other media of advertising because you can reach many more people all over the world for one price.
  • A website is an extension of your Customer Care Department since it provides answers to enquires on facilities available. It also contains updated information on incoming products.
Our professional and affordable website services enable your business meet the demands and requirements of today’s competitive marketplace.